Cooperating Administrators

Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor.

Cooperating teachers play an essential role in supporting, mentoring, and preparing teacher candidates for a successful future as an effective educator.  Cooperating teachers play an important role in helping student teachers understand the dynamics of the classroom, the personalities, abilities and needs of the students, the methods and strategies specific to the curriculum, and the importance of actionable assessment and feedback.  

Qualifications of the Cooperating Administrator

1. Hold a valid Wisconsin license, or an equivalent license if the clinical program is located outside of Wisconsin.

2. Volunteered for an assignment as a cooperating administrator.

3. Has at least 3 years of pupil services or administrator experience, including one year of experience at the current place of employment.

4. Has completed training in the supervision of practicum students via eduCATE-WI.  

Responsibilities of the Cooperating Teacher 

The cooperating teacher has a responsibility to provide on-going evaluation of the student teacher's progress.  The cooperating teacher is required to complete 2 evaluations for student teacher's with an 18-week placement; and 1 evaluation for student teacher's with a 9-week placement.  

During post-teaching conference, the cooperating teacher encourages critical self-evaluation by the student teacher and suggest specific means of improvement.