The WiscAd Practicum provides administration candidates an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency on the Eleven Wisconsin Administrative Standards while collaborating with a team including a Cooperating Administrator from a local school district and an Educate-WI Supervisor/Instructor.  The administrative candidate will complete 120 practicum hours (40 of which can be completed during Semester I and II).  The administrative candidate is actively involved in the roles and responsibilities of their certification area as defined on their WPP-WiscAd Portfolio Plan

The candidate requests a cooperating administrator either from their own district or another district.  The candidate develops their WPP and submits the plan with the cooperating administrator's information to the Placement Coordinator.  The Educate-WI office completes the necessary correspondence to finalize the practicum process and assign an Educate-WI supervisor.

While doing practicum hours, the candidate will identify artifacts that demonstrate their proficiency of the Wisconsin Administrative Standards and develop a portfolio to document their learning. The Cooperating Administrator will complete two evaluations/reviews of the portfolio, and the Educate-WI Supervisor/Instructor will conduct two evaluations/portfolio reviews.   The candidate must receive a minimum of 3 on each standard as defined by the WiscAd evaluation rubric.  Ongoing discussions with the Cooperating Administrator and Educate-WI Supervisor provide an opportunity to ask questions, discuss challenges and share experiences 

The practicum is completed during a semester and candidates can apply for up to two certifications during the practicum process.  If the candidate seeks two certifications, s/he must complete two portfolios and 240 total hours.