Administrator Practicum

The WiscAd practicum experience provides candidates an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency on the 11 Wisconsin Administrator Standards while collaborating with a team including a Cooperating Administrator from a local school district and an Educate-WI Supervisor.  The candidate will complete 120 practicum hours (40 of which can be completed during Semester I and II).  The candidate is actively involved in the roles and responsibilities of their certification area as defined on their WiscAd Practicum Plan (WPP).  

Candidates seek out an administrator (either from their own district or another district) who holds the certification area they are seeking to determine if the administrator will voluntarily serve as their year long Cooperating Administrator. Candidates then collaborate with the Cooperating Administrator to develop and submit their WPP for approval prior to initiating the year long practicum experience. The WPP serves as the roadmap for the year long authentic leadership experiences that the student and Cooperating Administrator have agreed to. The authentic leadership experiences will result in artifacts that will be organized in an electronic portfolio of the 11 Wisconsin Administrator Standards that will demonstrate the candidate's proficiency in each standard . The program instructor will serve as the practicum Supervisor during the final semester of the program and will evaluate the final portfolio during that time.

The candidate, Cooperating Administrator and Supervisor will conference twice during the third semester which will result in two practicum evaluations from the Cooperating Administrator and two evaluations from the Supervisor.   The candidate must receive a minimum of 3 on each standard as defined by the WiscAd Practicum evaluation rubric.  Ongoing discussions with the Cooperating Administrator and Educate-WI Supervisor provide an opportunity to ask questions, discuss challenges and share experiences 

If the candidate seeks two certifications, s/he must complete a practicum experience for each certification area they are seeking. The second practicum can be scheduled concurrently or consecutively with the first practicum semester.