Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Project Teaching program. For other questions or concerns, please contact us here, or at (715) 246-6555.

Q:  What can I expect as far as workload for the Project Teaching Program?

A:  You will complete 15-16 papers over the first three semesters, as well as keeping up with online weekly discussions that take around 60 minutes a week.

Q:  Will I need to purchase any textbooks?

A:  The Project Teaching program may require books to be purchased and used in class.  These books are normally for a nominal amount and are practical and relevant to the Project Teaching certification areas.

Q:  If I already have a Wisconsin teaching license, can I add a subject by student teaching through Project Teaching (e.g. You are an elementary teacher in Wisconsin  and want to become certified in art.)

A:  The Project Teaching program is for those persons without a teaching license. The EdCert program is for those persons who already have a Wisconsin teaching license.

Q:  I have a full-time job teaching in a school with an emergency permit. Can Project Teaching help me?

A:  Yes, if you meet the appropriate subject area major equivalency. When you complete all of our requirements, you can student teach while you are working. Your school would appoint a cooperating teacher.

Q:  I am teaching full-time on an emergency permit while enrolled in  Project Teaching, however, my position only covers one of the age levels (high school) of my desired certification area (middle school - high school). How can you help?

A:  Any alternative plan for student teaching must be approved by our Placement Coordinator ahead of time. (e.g. You teach mathematics in high school as your regular job, but spend your prep time in a middle school classroom.)

Q:    I plan to student teach the next semester after I finish my course work. What must I have completed before Student Teaching?

A:  You must pass the first three semesters of Project Teaching and have all of your required coursework towards your Major Equivalency done before you student teach.

Q:  How late can I wait to student teach after I have completed my course work? Is there a time limit?

A:  You must complete student teaching within two years of your initial semester.

Q:  How long do I student teach? What if I get sick? What about missing days?

A:  Wisconsin Statute s.118.19(3)(a) states, each student in the program is required to complete student teaching consisting of full days for a full semester following the daily schedule and semester calendar of the cooperating school.  

Q:  How much time do I need to spend student teaching in the middle school and in the high school during the semester? Is it half & half?

A:  Most placements are one-quarter at high school and one quarter at the middle school in either order. Some placements in the same building or schools, might be morning in the middle school, afternoon in the high school. Other combinations may be possible, but must be decided by Project Teaching. Contact our office for more information.

Q:  My potential certification will be birth to age 21. How do I student teach in elementary school? Is it 18 weeks divided three ways?

A:  Usually. Alternatives must be approved by the Program Administrator.

Q:  I plan to student teach this coming semester and started the arrangements with Project Teaching. Something has come up and now I can't student teach. Now what?

A:  Contact the Program Administrator.  

Q:  As I student teach, what if I have problems with the cooperating teacher or principal?

A:  Talk to your supervising teacher first. If things can't be solved, contact the Program Administrator.

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