Unity School District is Hiring - Special Education K-5

08/10/22 11:58 am

The Unity School District is seeking a special education teacher for grades K-5, to begin in August of the 2022-2023 school year.

The ideal candidate will have strong character and a solid understanding of developmentally appropriate teaching practices, including curriculum relevant to student learning and inclusion of students with special needs. Knowledge of effective classroom management is essential. Strong technology skills and a willingness to work in a collegial environment, as a team member, is a must. This position is focused on supporting students with learning disabilities and emotional and behavioral disabilities.

Qualifications Necessary: Qualified applicants of high character should possess a high level of content knowledge; understand unique needs of students with disabilities; believe all students can learn and that teachers play an active role in the learning process; display strong communication, leadership, and organizational skills; enjoy working with children; be willing to collaborate with colleagues; have strong technology skills; and be dedicated individuals who exhibit a strong desire to improve student learning.

Requirements: Applicants must have appropriate DPI licensure (801, 810, 811, and/or 830), or be eligible for such licensure.

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