Job Openings! Special Education Positions: Hudson School District

12/13/19 12:49 pm

Hudson High School Special Education Teacher-Cross Categorical WECAN # 75133

EP Rock Elementary (Hudson School District)  Special Education Teacher- Cross Categorical WECAN # 75157



1.  Wisconsin DPI license commensurate with the specific teaching assignment.

2.  Prefer experience as a teacher at the level and in the area of assignment.



To enable the District to provide quality education for all students in the District.  



Professional Skills - The teacher is expected to establish procedures of management to allow a maximum of learning and a minimum of disciplinary action by:

1. Planning and organizing effectively.

2. Demonstrating competency in his/her area.

3. Creating and maintaining an atmosphere conducive to learning.

4. Providing opportunities for individual differences.

5. Making provisions for individual differences.

6. Encouraging the development of independent work habits.

7. Using appropriate language for students to model.

8. Using varied and appropriate instructional techniques to accomplish predetermined instructional objectives.


Professional Relationships:  The teacher is expected to establish and maintain a professional relationship with students by:

1. Encouraging respect for the rights, opinions, property, and contributions of others.

2. Being sensitive to factors which affect pupil achievement and behavior.

3. Being available for extra help.

4. Using methods of management that result in desired changes in behavior.

5. Communicating and maintaining a working relationship with parents.

6. Maintaining confidentiality with respect to students and their records.

7. Refraining from personal criticism of staff to students.

8. Avoiding use of position for commercial gain.


The teacher is expected to establish and maintain a professional relationship with fellow staff members by:

9. Cooperating with other staff members.

10. Consulting with co-workers in evaluating and meeting student needs.

11. Leaving clear and complete instructions for substitutes.

12. Following curriculum and policies approved by the Board.

13. Cooperating in evaluation of present curriculum.

14. Recommending possible revision of curriculum.

15.   Being proficient or distinguished in all areas listed on the Teacher Performance Evaluation.

16.   Communicating professionally and respectfully with students, staff, parents, and community members, using oral, written, and electronic means.

17.   Attending work regularly.

18.   Performing other duties as assigned.


Professional Development:  The teacher is expected to demonstrate professional development by:

1. Participating actively in inservice programs.

2. Keeping abreast of professional developments in his/her particular area and in education as a whole.

3. Exploring new teaching techniques as alternatives to better accomplish predetermined instructional objectives.  



This work regularly requires sitting, standing, walking, speaking, hearing and occasionally requires  pushing, pulling, lifting, and operating machines; work has standard vision requirements; vocal communication is required for expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word; hearing is required to perceive information at normal spoken word levels and to receive detailed information through oral communications and/or to make fine distinctions in sound; work requires preparing and analyzing written or computer data, and observing general surroundings and activities; work is generally in a moderately noisy location (e.g. school offices/classrooms/passageways).


EVALUATION:  Conducted by Building Principal or Associate Principal and Director of Student Services as per the Hudson School District Board of Education Policy.

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