edTPA Information

The edTPA  (Teacher Performance Assessment) is a performance assessment of teaching skills and is  required by all applicants for Initial Teacher licensure in WI after September 1, 2015.  The general requirements of the edTPA are to 1.  Plan a learning sequence of 3-5 consecutive lessons  (or 3-5 hours of teaching in a block); 2.   Create associated instructional materials; 3. Provide copies of student assignments and assessments; 4. Provide feedback on student work-for selected students and 5. Provide unedited video recorded instruction.

There are three tasks in the edTPA:

1.  Planning:  Each of these tasks are linked through the use of Academic Language and an analysis of the student's own teaching.

2.  Instruction:    Each task requires the creation and submission of authentic artifacts (lesson plans, instructional materials, video recording of teaching, student assessments with teacher candidate feedback).

3.  Assessment:  Each task required a detailed, thorough examination of the teacher candidate's own teaching effectiveness through written commentaries.