Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the EdCert program. For other questions or concerns, please contact us here, or at (715) 246-6555.

Q: Is the EdCert   Program approved by the Department of Public Instruction?

A: EdCert is a Wisconsin DPI approved alternate route to add a certification to your general education, special education, or administrative licenses.  The EdCert Program includes a self-paced online workshop and a student teaching/practicum experience.

Q: Can I earn credits in the EdCert program?

A: This is a 0 credit program. 

Q: If I have a substitute license, should I apply to EdCert?

A: If you have a substitute license, you would want to apply to our Project Teaching or 10SPED programs.

Q: I hold a non-special education license, can I enroll in the  EdCert  program to obtain my special ed license?

A: If you do not already hold a special ed license, you would need to apply to our 10SPED program.  

Q: I have already completed student teaching, do I need to complete it again?

A: Yes. The State of WI requires the additional 9 weeks of student teaching for the new certification.


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