EdCert Program

EdCert is a Wisconsin DPI approved alternate route to add a certification to your general education and special education licenses. 

General Education Certification Areas

  • License #
  • Subject
  • Age Levels
  • Major/Minor/Conc
  • 1355
  • French
  • EC-A
  • Major/Minor**
  • 1370
  • German
  • EC-A
  • Major/ Minor**
  • 1380
  • Polish
  • EC-A
  • Major/Minor**
  • 1550
  • Art
  • EC-A
  • Major only
  • 1605
  • Biology
  • EA-A
  • Major/Minor/Conc
  • 1625
  • Physics
  • EA-A
  • Major/Minor/Conc


The areas with an asterisk* next to them are non-shortage areas.

*Non-shortage certification areas are allowed if teaching under an emergency license or if the potential teacher belongs to a minority group currently underrepresented in the teaching workforce. If a student is getting licensure in a shortage area, then additional licenses in non-shortage areas can be added as long as they are on the list above.

**Minor (in world languages subjects) is allowed if there is a major in English, ESL, or another world language.

Major = 34-54 cr/EA-A subject area; Minor = 22 cr/EA-A area; Concentration = 9 cr/Social Studies or 15 credits/Science

Special Education Certification Areas:

If a candidate already holds a special education license, any of the following certification areas can be added:

  • Early Childhood Special Education (ages 0-8) and/or
  • Cross-Categorical Special Education (ages 6-13, ages 10-12, or both ages 6-21)
  • Add a concentration in EBD, LD, or ID as a licensure area to your existing license

Timeline To Complete

The EdCert Program includes a self-paced online workshop and a student teaching experience. During the online workshop, students independently conduct online research to write 5-8 papers that specifically address the certification area. During the second portion, students are required to student teach for 9 weeks. Additional tests and/or outside coursework may be required for teaching certifications.

If the FORT is required for the add on of a Special Education certification, the student would also participate in a semester of blended coursework. This consists of mostly online work, but also includes three face to face meetings on Friday nights and Saturday mornings in Stevens Point, WI.


Application/Payment Deadline                    Coursework Deadline                       Student Teaching Quarter

      January 1st                                                                       February 15th                                                    4th quarter


      March 1st                                                                              April 15th                                                             1st quarter


        May 1st                                                                                  June 15th                                                              1st quarter


        July 1st                                                                                 August 15th                                                        1st quarter


       September 1st                                                                 October 15th                                                     2nd quarter


       November 1st                                                                 December 15th                                                3rd quarter


The EdCert students have an application/payment deadline and a coursework deadline.  If the application/payment deadline is not met,  then the student has to reapply.  If the coursework is not submitted by the deadline,  re-application to the program is required along with an additional $750 payment for coursework.

Location of Classes

Coursework is online. The student teaching experience takes place in a district of your choice.

Program Structure

Applications are accepted year-round. The program must be completed within two semesters.

First component/self-paced - Online independent workshop - 0 credit *Additional tests may be required. General education teaching certifications may also require additional coursework to be taken from an accredited technical college or university if a major equivalency has not been established.

Second component - Student Teaching - 0 credit

Student Teaching - Students choose up to 3 school districts where the student teaching will take place and our placement coordinator works with the districts in priority order to set up the 9-week placement. Student Teaching occurs during the school year only (Fall and Spring) and follows the district calendar. Students who are working under an emergency license, may student teach on the job (as long as the age level and subject area is the same as the certification area).


Financial Information

EdCert is offered for no credit, so no financial aid is available.

Program Fees (Subject to change without notice)

  • Online, independent workshop - $750/per certification area
  • Student Teaching  - $2,600/per quarter
  • Withdrawal before completing requirements is $150.00

(If required) The FORT semester EDWN 606 - $3400.00 (3 credits)

Admissions Requirements

In order to be admitted to the EdCert Program, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Cover Letter which describes your interest in adding a certification to your license
  2. Transcript that provides evidence that you hold a Bachelor's Degree (BA/BS), Juris Doctor Degree (JD), Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD) or Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree (DDS) from an accredited college: or university or a foreign credential evaluation that verifies the equivalent to a BA/BS in the U.S.  for those adding a teaching certification; a Master's Degree for those adding administrative certifications (except Superintendent); and an Education Specialists Degree for those adding the Superintendent certification. Students must also have a principal certification to be certified as a Superintendent.   Transcripts from countries other than the United States must be evaluated on a course-by-course basis and be deemed equivalent to accredited U.S. university standards.
  3. A Resume that includes verification of a current DPI  license or permit  

Criminal Background Check with no conviction or plea-bargain for crimes which may impact school children and/or the maintenance of a safe and healthy school. The first criminal background checks will be conducted upon completion of the application process and prior to the first class meeting. The second criminal background check is conducted prior to student teaching.


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100% Placement Rate